Creating your own fundraising page

Creating your own fundraising page

It’s easy to create your own fundraising page to promote your event and simplify collecting donations.

When you're organising a fundraising event, you don't want to spend all of your time collecting cash. It's easy to create your own fundraising page online - and there is usually no charge (the website will take a small percentage of the donations as a service charge). If you're a UK tax payer, the amount of your donation will be increased through Gift Aid.


Setting up a page with JustGiving is really simple. It takes only around a minute or so - and the site provides social tools to help you share your page online. The site automatically transfers your donations to your chosen charity within days of the event - and also reclaims Gift Aid. It also allows you to associate your fundraising activities with the Hospice. Get started on JustGiving.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero allows you to not just set up your own page, but also make it a closer part of our fundraising activities, so it can be seen to be part of our overall fundraising. You can set up your own page, with text, images and a progress bar to show where you're at in terms of reaching your target. Get started on Everyday Hero

Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving is part of Virgin Money and it's simple to set up your own page. You are guided through options such as 'organised event', 'personal challenge', 'special occasion' and 'someone special'. Get started on Virgin Money Giving.

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