Staff support

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Excellent Training & Development Opportunities

Whilst training and development needs are identified as part of the annual appraisal process, this is not limited to a once-a-year activity.  Wigan & Leigh Hospice recognises that training and development needs can arise at any time and will strive to provide the most appropriate solution for each employee.  The Hospice provides employees with the opportunity to undertake self-directed learning, attend formal education and training, carry out work based learning and professional activities.

Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are employee benefit programmes which help employees deal with problems which may affect their health and wellbeing.  At Wigan & Leigh Hospice, all employees have access to an EAP through Westfield Health.

These services include:


Access to telephone and online counselling services available 24/7 and, if required, up to 6 face to face counselling sessions in a 12-month period.


Access to expert advisors who can provide comprehensive answers and assistance on anything from stress, bereavement or relationship advice to health and money worries. The service is completely confidential and free of charge.

Health e-Hub

Employees also have access to online wellbeing resources with the Health e-Hub.

Annual Appraisal and Regular One to Ones

All employees of Wigan & Leigh Hospice will have an annual appraisal. Initial objectives will be set when an employee joins the Hospice to be achieved during the probationary period.  Once successful completion of the probationary period, objectives will then be set for the remainder of the employees first year of employment.  After this, the employee will be part of the annual appraisal cycle.  The appraisal is an opportunity for the manager and employee to have an open and honest and supportive discussion about the employees performance  over the period and what they want to achieve going forward.  It also provides an opportunity to discus any training or development needs.  Over the course of the year, employees will also have ongoing support through regular one to ones with their manager.

Wellbeing Initiatives

This is a new initiative here at Wigan & Leigh Hospice.  We have a number of employees trained as Wellbeing Champions.  Their role is to act as a role model to promote positive health and wellbeing.  They are here to listen to colleagues when appropriate.  They are not here to provide advice but will have access to the resources and information to signpost individuals to the right support.  They will be working together as a team to introduce a number of initiatives around wellbeing in the coming months.