‘Light for a Life’ - Proud to be part of major fundraising initiative.

29 October 2012

Elaine Fazackerley has recently become a volunteer at Wigan & Leigh Hospice. She says “My first brief experience of the Hospice was 5 years ago when my mother-in-law was a Day Patient. On the occasions I took her, I was surprised at the positive, pleasant atmosphere in the building. But I didn’t realise the size of the organisation, nor the complexity of the work going on behind the scenes.

I had no further contact with the Hospice until a few weeks ago when I was having a chat with my friend Maxine who is a fundraiser at the Hospice.  She was telling me how busy it was there, especially at this time of year. I discovered that they are currently planning and organising one of their biggest fundraising events of the year, the LIGHT FOR A LIFE APPEAL.  She said I could help with administration as a volunteer if I wished.

elaine fazackerleyLFAL.jpg

I didn't need asking twice; I completed the volunteer forms; and am now proud to be part of the very small team undertaking this major fundraising initiative.

I have to say that in my first week, I was shocked at all the things going on in that department in trying to raise the £4,500 they need to generate every day of the year from donations and other forms of charitable support.  There are diaries to sell, Christmas cards, cuddly toys and much, much more; to ensure that patients and their families can continue receiving the highly specialist care and support the Hospice is renowned for. 

I didn't know anything about 'Light for a Life' before, but quickly learned what a beautiful and emotive way it is to simply say 'Thank You' to people who are important to us.  To show the love we feel in a tangible and beautiful way.

I have also learned that dedications are not only for loved ones who have passed away: but that people make dedications for a host of different reasons.  Some of these are couples who want to show their love of each other.  Others want to celebrate an important milestone, such as a new baby, a special birthday, anniversary - or just a simple 'thank you' to someone who has helped them.

I am led to believe that hundreds of people come to the Hospice for the Light switch-on ceremony.  This year it is on Tuesday 4th December.  I am told that a giant Christmas Tree bursts into life with thousands of lights emblazoning the early evening sky.  Everyone stands looking at the tree, each with their own thoughts; some with family; some holding hands; some cuddling together; some alone. It must be an awesome experience.

All dedications also go into a permanent record.  In the New Year, after all dedications have been made, a 'Book of Dedications is published and on permanent display in the Hospice Chapel.

I will be there, not only to see the fruits of my labour, but because I will have my own dedications.  Not only to my mother-in-law; but Gracie, my little granddaughter, who will have her own shining light…

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