61 year old Tom Kelly to complete amazing 2,500 charity bike ride across Europe

19 May 2012

All proceeds from this amazing solo bike ride will be split between Wigan & Leigh Hospice and a Turkey children’s charity called Fethiye International Group (FIG).

On 10th April, 61 year old Tom Kelly decided to ride to Turkey on his bike - via Rotterdam, the Rhine Valley, Holland, Germany, Bavaria, the Danube, Austria, Hungary, Rumania, the Black Sea, Northern Turkey and culminating at his own apartment on Calais Beachin Fethiye.  A mere 2,500 miles!

Tom Progress Map

About FIG

FIG is the first Children's Charity in the South West of Turkey, will soon be celebrating its 10th birthday. This local charity was established to "promote the education and welfare of children in the Fethiye area through various fund raising and voluntary activities". They provide university bursaries; school books and equipment; uniforms, and also aid children with serious medical conditions.  They have provided digital hearing aids, helped children with severe hormone and neuro logical problems and currently are assisting some of the 22 families in the Fethiye area, whose children suffer from Mediterranean Thalassaemia. This disease, caused by a recessive gene, causes a form of anaemia similar to sickle-cell.

Wigan & leigh Hospice

Wigan & Leigh Hospice provides specialist end-of-life care, and a wide range of support services for those with progressive life-limiting illnesses, for hundreds of people each and every year. The two charities have similar objectives in providing specialist care for seriously ill people.

Triumphant Finish

A large group of local English cyclists, together with the local Turkish Cycling Club, will greet Tom at 14.00 on Friday 25th May.

Julie Houston, Hospice Community Support Group Officer, said, "This is a remarkable challenge and achievement.  We are delighted that Tom has almost completed his amazing cycling marathon.  Tom has kept a daily log on an online 'blogspot'.  On one of his latest 'posts' he was in Ephasus.

Support & keep in touch

To sponsor or keep updated on the last stages of Tom's progress, visit Tom's Blog.  Whilst on the road you can also track his progress via Social Hiking Website

You can also view our previous press release by visiting Tom Kelly - 2500 mile charity bike ride 

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