Fancy a game of Where's Wally with a Trekker’s twist?

13 June 2012

We have put together around 600 pictures to celebrate over 600 Trekkers walking in support of Wigan & Leigh Hospice. Can you spot yourself…?

          View all 600 pictures and find yourself today...

Trekkers, Wheres Wally


This year we had almost 200 more Star Trekker's compared to that of 2011, a truly fantastic achievement.  We are hopeful that Trekkers 5 could raise in the region of £45,000, this vital funding will go directly towards patient care and the wide range of Hospice services we provide to patients and their families.

Appreciation and gratitude

Such was the success of this years event, we would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to the following:

Our amazing Volunteers & staff - who worked tirelessly into the early hours of Sunday morning to ensure the event was delivered with precision.  Volunteers play a massive part in Wigan & Leigh Hospice's success. Around 700 people give us some of their time each year, helping out with many aspects of running the hospice. Visit our volunteers section of the site for more information.

All our sponsors - in particular our main sponsors -The Galleries Shopping Centre Wigan and Edercare Personal Care. Their involvement this year has been instrumental, not only financially, put also with their promotional support and backing. Please visit our Business Support Group section of our website to see how businesses can become more involved in engaging with the Hospice.    

                             Galleries        elderhire.png

And finally our Trekkers - without them this special event simply wouldn't be possible. Watching 600 lady Trekker's performing a Zumba warm up was a fabulous demonstration of togetherness that set the tone for the evening.  

                                           Zumba Moment  

Trekkers Zumba

It certainly sent a tingle down most people's spines as we could all sense something remarkably special was taking place. All this before the walk even got under way.

Thank you everybody, you are all amazing.

The Fundraising Team

PS - Please share your thoughts & post your pictures via our Facebook & Twiiter pages. Don't forget to Like us and follow us while you are there. 


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