The Hospice was Mum’s safe haven

The Hospice was Mum’s safe haven

14 May 2012

The family of former patient Sandra Dakin have shared their thoughts and feeling about the services provided by the Hospice.

Husband Alan said, "Going to the Hospice made so much difference to Sandra.  The range of services, combined with the highly professional care she received, was nothing short of outstanding."

Andrea added, "There is so much we would like to say about the doctors, nurses and volunteers, we cannot speak too highly of all of them.  When she was an in-patient, she received what I can only describe as first class care and attention.  The standard of medical treatment was excellent and it was matched by the compassion and consideration of the whole team.

It is not only the medical care, but the fact that nurses and doctors would hold her hand when she was feeling low.  They would spend time explaining things to us, as well as offering endless support.  The whole family, including children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren were made to feel at home.  It was way beyond anything we could have expected. 

Jane said, "The Hospice was Mum's safe haven.  She loved the Day Hospice.  Meeting other people with the same issues, worries and concerns helped her enormously.  She made so many friends that she said it was her social life.  She could access the specialist services of the Hospice and enjoy the activities and craft work.  She even used to bring home cards she made.  Mum got upset if she couldn't go to Day Hospice for some reason."

Alan concluded, "We know that Sandra received the finest medical care in a truly special place.  We all want to say a big thank you."

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