Up, Up in the Air

23 April 2013

Imagine looking out of the open doorway of an aeroplane flying at 14,000 ft. with the wind ringing in your ears and then falling out!

up up and away

Cathy, Tracy, Chris, Stacey and Abi. (L-R)

A canopy opens and you are enveloped by the peaceful, serene sensation of effortlessly drifting to the ground attached to a professional freefall parachute instructor!

Wigan & Leigh Hospice have obtained 30 places for intrepid people who want to go up, up and away with them to the sky dive centre in Lancaster.

The idea was originated by Chris Shaw, a member of a Hospice Volunteer Support Group in Pemberton.  He says, "Two years ago I was invited to take part in a sky dive. Like most people I was very apprehensive.  But I 'bit the bullet' and said OK!  I have always been terrified of heights and the thoughts of jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet and free-falling to the ground was something of a challenge.  But it was one of the best experiences of my life."

I was strapped to an instructor  and we ascended to the dizzy heights. The door opened and I was met by a magnificent view.  The next thing I knew I was freefalling, but was amazed that I didn't have a feeling of insecurity or excessive speed.  It was a fantastic experience - and to be raising money for the Hospice was a massive bonus."

Hospice Community Fundraiser Julie Houston said, "Based on Chris's experience, the group decided to organise a sky dive in aid of the Hospice.  We have 30 adult places for Saturday 15th June.  Twenty of which have gone very quickly."

Four ASDA staff from Leigh expressed an interest, but were understandably nervous.  So a meeting with Chris was arranged at the Hospice.  Mike Seddon, owner of NW Model Supplies in Hindley, brought a large model plane to demonstrate how it all works.

ASDA's Cathy Jones says, "Climbing Snowden was an ordeal for me, but I love doing exciting activities.  I am very much looking forward to throwing myself out of a plane.  I know what brilliant work they do at the Hospice and I'm already excited at the prospect."  Abi, Stacey and Tracy, also from ASDA Leigh added, "We can't wait."

Chris concluded, "If you've ever had even the slightest thoughts about doing something exciting; don't hesitate - sign-up now for one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have."

"If you would like to know how to join these gallant 'guys and gals', simply contact Julie at the Hospice on 01942 525566 during office hours, or email her at j.houston@wlh.org.uk

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