Waterfields donate £3000 with the help of Father Christmas

21 January 2013

Richard Waterfield, Chairman of the well-respected Bakery company has recently given 400 hours of his own time and unique skills, to raise money for Wigan & Leigh Hospice and other Hospices that serve the areas covered by his 49 shops.


Around 40 years ago Richard went to Berne in Switzerland to learn from one of Europe's leading chocolatiers where he served an apprenticeship in the art of working with the finest chocolate.  Over the years he has honed those skills and is one of a select number of Craftsmen in this fine art.

Richard personally crafted 2 sizes of chocolate Father Christmas from the finest chocolate.  Each of the 49 Waterfield stores have raffled one large and one small chocolate in aid of local Hospices.

"Richard said, "I have always supported our local Wigan & Leigh Hospice and as this was rolling out to all our shops, we decided to support Hospices in each area, with all the proceeds going towards helping to continue the very specialist and skilled work they do."

Each Father Christmas was moulded and hand-painted by Richard with 4 layers of specialist food colouring and his wife Janet wrapped them all in cellophane.  It was a real labour of love.

Wigan & Leigh Hospice Communications Officer Edwin Matthews said, "What a terrific gesture of support and amazing dedication, in creating such fabulous works of art.  We want to give a very big thank you to Richard and Janet for all their effort.  I learned that each figure takes 4 hours of labour to make.  That means that 98 chocolate Father Christmases plus a giant 5ft special, took over 400 hours of Richards time!  A donation of £3,000 to Wigan & Leigh Hospice is exceptional."

He added, "There will be patients in the Hospice over the Christmas period who will continue need the specialist care and support Hospices provide.  Richard has donated two chocolate figures to the Hospice and we feel that the patients, their families and nursing staff who will be at the Hospice over the Christmas period should share in a very special Christmas treat, courtesy of Richard Waterfield.  On their behalf - a very big thank-you."


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