Sky dive takes fundraising to new heights

24 June 2015

TWENTY-SEVEN brave supporters of Wigan and Leigh Hospice have thrown themselves out of a plane to raise funds.

They travelled up to the Black Knights Parachute Centre just outside of Lancaster on Sunday with family and friends to cheer them on.

All skydivers had a choice of how high up they wanted to jump from with some choosing to dive from 11,000ft while others plunged from 15,000ft.

Ian Roberts from Hindley said: "I was surprisingly quite calm, I had no nerves. I can't believe how cold it was and no matter what you can't prepare for how fast you go. I've raised £1,000 in memory of my dad Phillip Roberts which is more than I imagined."

Colette Deakin from Ince raised just over £400.
"It was better than I expected and at no point was I scared - I enjoyed the scenery and everything about it - I've never even been on a plane until today!" she said. "I think because I was doing it in tandem with someone else I felt better about it."

Mark Whittle did the sky dive in memory of a friend who died aged 46 in 2011 of a brain tumour and was cared for by the Hospice.
"I've raised about £1,600 so far but I'm hoping to get up to £2,000 in memory of my mate Donny Hope," he said.

Denise Hall from Hindley said: "At the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to do one thing every month that was different or life-changing - something I'd never done before. I've done the sky dive now and I'm going to Tunisia soon with my cousin which is somewhere I've never been before."

The sky dive is expected to raise thousands of pounds for the Hospice which has to raise £7,400 every day.


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