Take on the £50 Challenge


The challenge is on!

The £50 challenge is on for 2019: your company takes £50 starter investment and use your business skills and creativity to turn it into much, much more. Think of it as a mini Den with no Dragons!

The aim of the game is to raise as much money as possible throughout October, have lots of team-bonding fun doing it and be a Hospice Hero! It’s up to you how you raise the money – the fundraising team will give you plenty of options to choose from, or use the talent within your business to come up with your own winning formula.

Compete against other local companies and prove your power by becoming the 2019 Challenge Champions!

Click the button below to download your pack to get started!

Or fill in the form below to find out more. You can also get in touch with Maxine or Christine at 01942 525566 / email fundraising@wlh.org.uk

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