Light for a Life - Switch On Ceremony

Light for a Life - Switch On ceremony

Event date: 04 December 2018

Light for a Life is your opportunity to make a heart-felt dedication to those you love and have loved.


A beautiful and personal way to simply say 'Thank You'.
How often have you forgotten, or left it too late, to say 'Thank You'?
How often have you wished you hadn't done so?
How often have you found it difficult to do so?
How often would you like to turn the clock back?


Light for a Life is an opportunity to make an emotive and lasting dedication to celebrate special occasions, new life, birthdays and anniversaries; or simply say thank you to partners, family or friends who mean so much.  Perhaps say thank you to someone who has supported us in difficult times or happy times.

Whatever your personal reasons, make your Light for a Life dedication at the hospice and a light will be lit on our Christmas Tree for your loved one.  All dedications will also be entered in a 'Book of Dedications' as a permanent tribute to the special people in your life.


Light for a Life is your chance to demonstrate the love you have for people who are, or have been, important in your life.  Make a personal thank you and a lasting tribute to those who do so much for us.

Not only is it a very special way to show your love but it's also an outward sign of the inner feelings we sometimes find hard to express.

There is no limit to the number of dedications you make. We simply ask for each one to be treated as a separate dedication.

Switch-on Ceremony

The switch-on Ceremony will be on Tuesday 4th December at the hospice at 6.30pm.  However dedications continue to be added until the Twelfth Night after Christmas.

Book of Dedications

Dedications are also entered into a bound, hard-backed book.  When printed, it will be on permanent display in our Reflection Room, along with every other book of dedications since Light for a Life began in 1998. 

When and how can I make dedications?

You can make dedications from October 1st, Please simply click here to download a dedication form. Please complete a separate form and donation for each dedication and forward to the hospice with your donation.

Forms can be also obtained at the hospice, any Wigan & Leigh Hospice shop or many other locations around the Borough.


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