Trusts and Foundations

Charitable Trusts & Foundations

Charitable trusts and foundations are valued partners of Wigan & Leigh Hospice. By supporting key aspects of our care they are major contributors to the benefits that the Hospice’s work brings to our patients and those closest to them.

Trusts and foundations could support the work of Wigan and Leigh Hospice through:

  • Funding the decoration of our rooms and seating areas for the benefit and comfort of patients, families and staff
  • Awarding grants to fund the purchase of much needed medical equipment such as syringe pumps and mattresses
  • Contributing towards the purchase of bedding for our Inpatient Unit
  • Funding staff posts to further improve our services, such as a Nurse Educator Post

Grant-makers can enable Wigan and Leigh Hospice to support people with life-limiting illnesses, and the Hospice’s commitment to maximising the beneficial outcomes achieved by every grant we receive.

For related enquiries please contact us on 01942 525566 or email

Information For Trusts & Foundations

What Wigan and Leigh Hospice offers to trusts and foundations

We value our relationship with grant-makers as working together enables us both to achieve our shared goals. We’re committed to ensuring that the grant applications we submit to a trust or foundation enable us to improve our services and facilities, and that any continuation funding received will build on the outcomes of previous awards made to Wigan & Leigh Hospice in our quest for continual improvement.

How grant makers can support us

Trusts and foundations can contribute to key aspects of our hospice’s care through grants to support:

  • Service development
  • Capital projects
  • Hospice core costs

Service development

It’s vital that we continue to adapt and develop our services to ensure that we are really meeting the needs of our patients, their carers and relatives. Trust and foundation funding can help us launch or expand palliative care services that support the goals of our Strategic Objectives

Capital Projects

Trust and foundation grants towards the cost of medical equipment, or refurbishments to rooms or buildings, provide invaluable benefits. Past projects have included:

  • The National Lottery Community Awards for All Fund funded our Amberswood Wildflower Garden, which is a beautiful area consisting of vibrant wildflowers and fruit trees visible from patients rooms and is an ideal place to sit and reflect.
  • The W. G. Edwards Charitable Trust funded a sensory patio garden where patients can relax surrounded by sensory plants including lavender, jasmine and ornamental grasses.
  • The Hospital Saturday Fund have provided funding for 2 syringe pumps and Westfield Charitable Trust have funded 9 syringe pumps for the Inpatients Unit. Syringe pumps are so important for medication to be administered to patients safely and effectively.
  • The Wolfson Foundation have funded a canopy for the patients entrance to our Inpatient Unit to protect patients from the elements when they are coming into the Unit.
  • The Albert Hunt Trust have provided funding for 40 new duvet covers for the Inpatient Unit
  • The Edward Gostling Foundation have funded 9 mattresses for the comfort of patients on the Inpatient Unit
  • Morrisons Foundation have provided funding to completely refurbish and fully equip our Cool Room
  • The Family Welfare Trust have funded the purchase of a suction pump for our in-patient unit. Registered Charity Number: 328148. This a Muslim charity from Bolton established 1989 dedicated to helping needy communities worldwide. Funds donated ‘In loving memory of our mother KHADIJA (d.8.11.2020)’
  • BUPA UK Foundation made a contribution towards the cost of PPE
  • Bents & Bongs Beer Festival have funded new nebulisers and two suction pumps for the in-patient unit

Hospice core costs

Grants are always needed to help us meet the annual costs involved in running the Hospice and in organising and delivering the services that we provide. Our services are free of charge and include our Inpatient Unit, Outpatient Clinics, Community Nursing Teams and much more.


For further information about ways in which charitable trusts and foundations can become valued partners of Wigan & Leigh Hospice, please contact us on: or call Kate Gaynor on 01942 525566.