What We Do

Wigan and Leigh Hospice is a charity which provides care and support to people who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting or terminal illness.

Our staff are highly skilled in palliative and end of life care and are committed to providing the best care possible for our patients. We support the ‘whole needs’ of our individual patients including their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Support is also provided by the Hospice for those people who are most important to our patients.

Our care extends to patients with any life-limiting illness including - but not limited to - cancer, respiratory and heart conditions and neurological conditions.


Care in your home

The vast majority of our care is delivered to patients living in the community whether in their own homes or nursing homes. Wigan and Leigh Hospice cares for more than 900 people in the community every year through our team of Hospice Nurse Specialists and our Hospice in Your Home team.


Care in the hospice

We admit around 250 people every year to our inpatient unit for symptom management or end of life care.


Day Services

We have outpatient clinics at our Woodview Centre where we offer expert advice and support on your symptoms and your care.



We work closely with other health and social care professionals. Our knowledge and skills are shared with GPs, District Nurses, care homes and other health and social care professionals through multidisciplinary working and formal education programmes. This allows our expertise to benefit those who do not access Hospice services directly.

Our Practice Development team hosts the Wigan Borough Palliative and End of Life Care Learning Hub.

The hub is a unique opportunity to not only support our wider health and social care workforce through timely education, including role modelling work, but also offer the same support to informal carers that are commonly overlooked.

This training is free of charge to all health and social care professionals across the Borough. Previously the training has been offered primarily in nursing and residential homes.

Debbie Jones, Practice Development Lead for the Hub, said: "Our aim at the hospice has always been to support as many people living with a life-limiting illness as possible - even if they are not helped by the hospice directly. Education, training and practical support have been a very effective way to achieve this over the years."

Find out more about the facilities we have at the hospice.


Advance Care Planning (ACP)

We encourage our patients to discuss their preferences regarding the type of care they want to receive and where they wish to be cared for. Read more about ACPs.


Our teams

We provide support tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our hospice teams are made up of:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Counsellors
  • Complementary Therapists
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Dietitian
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Social Workers
  • Volunteers
  • Education service
  • Bereavement team

Our services are available to those who require support additional to that which their GP, District Nurse, hospital specialists or Social Services can provide.

For information on how to refer yourself or a loved one please see Referrals.

for further information on what a hospice is see our FAQs. You may also wish to read our 8 myths about hospices leaflet which aims to dispel fears you might have about visiting the hospice and address some of the myths surrounding hospices which may prevent people from accessing our care.