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Family and close friends of hospice patients can access the counselling service at Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

Being close to someone with a challenging illness can bring its own pressures and sometimes help may be needed to talk this through and find more helpful ways of coping.

Our counsellors are trained in a number of psychological approaches and each client is worked with on an individual basis.

Counselling takes place over the telephone and sessions are confidential and allow people to speak openly about things that they may not otherwise share with others.

How does counselling work?

For many people counselling may be something, which they have never previously experienced – and could be something that they are unsure about.

There is no expectation for someone to talk about something they are not comfortable to discuss.

Our counsellors will always work is a respectful way that meets a person’s needs and use an approach that is unique to each person, going at their own pace.

You may wish to read an interview with one of our counsellors, Lindsey.

Children and young people

Children are also affected by a close relative’s illness, and may need help to express how they feel, gain a greater understanding and work through and prepare for what may come.

Our counsellors work directly with children and young people and can offer the family advice and support, in how best to support them.

If you would like to be referred for counselling please speak to your loved one’s hospice professional.


Techniques to help you relax and sleep

Our counsellors are qualified in various therapeutic approaches, including hypnotherapy and have recorded guided visualisation CDs to help with relaxation and sleep.

You can access these recordings by clicking on the links below.