Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team

A team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, a Dietitian and a Speech and Language Therapist with advanced skills in cancer and palliative care. The AHP team is employed by Bridgewater Community Foundation NHS Trust, supported by Macmillan Cancer Support and is based at Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

The Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team provides advice and support by telephone, on the hospice ward, in clinics at the Woodview Centre and during home visits when appropriate. Patients, families and carers are supported to deal with the various physical and psychological consequences that a cancer or palliative diagnosis may have on their daily lives.


What do the Macmillan Allied Health Professionals do?

  • Provide a detailed specialist multidisciplinary assessment of an individual's daily life. This may include questions about mobility, washing and dressing, communication, swallowing or nutrition.
  • Provide a specialist treatment programme agreed with the individual.
  • Listen to the worries and concerns of patients, families and carers and provide emotional and psychological support.
  • Provide information about their illness and the additional support services available.
  • Advise on a wide range of issues such as planning for future care needs.
  • Liaise closely with the other professionals involved in our patients' care and refer on to other services if necessary.


How are patients referred to the Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team?

Referrals are accepted from GPs, District Nurses or other professionals including social services. Self-referrals are accepted but further information will always be requested from the patient's GP.


Contacting the Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team

The team can be contacted at Wigan and Leigh Hospice on 01942 525566.

The team works between 8 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that most members of the team work part-time. Messages for specific team members can be taken and will be passed on as soon as possible.


When are patients discharged from this service?

Patients are discharged from the service when:

  • They no longer have problems that require support from the Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team.
  • The patient moves out of Wigan Borough.

Re-referral to the team may be possible if the patent's needs change following discharge.

Within three months of discharge a patient may self-refer. Referral may also be arranged via the GP, District Nurse or other professionals involved in the patient's care.