Bereavement Support

As important as our care is for patients it is equally important that we care for their loved ones.

Our care for families begins before a person dies and then continues into bereavement supporting those people close to our patients.

Our full Bereavement Support Pack will be sent to the next of kin as soon as possible when a patient dies. You are able to download a large part of the pack by clicking on the links below:


Bereavement & COVID-19

Guidance Following a Bereavement

Emotional Support Following a Bereavement

Bereavement Support available at Wigan and Leigh Hospice

Funeral Service Collections

Our Remembrance Events

How You Can Help

Bereavement Support Service

When a patient has died, we offer a bereavement support service to family and carers. We do this by contacting their next of kin a few months later and offering our services should they be needed.

From this point, people can 'self-refer', asking us for help if required. We will then initially provide a bereavement assessment, so that we can determine the appropriate level of help that's required and to provide suitable support, through trained counsellors and volunteers.

Bereavement support sessions can help people work through their grief and become more resilient. Sessions are provided one to one at the hospice usually but are over the telephone and via video call during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Read Andy's Story to meet one of our bereavement volunteers.

Evenings of Remembrance

Our remembrance evenings provide an opportunity for those who have recently lost a loved one in the hospice's care to come together and remember them.

During the service the names of those who have recently died will be read out and there will be time to reflect and remember loved ones and listen to readings and music.

The service is non-religious and lasts for about half an hour followed by a few prayers at the end for those who wish to take part in this.

Following the main service is an opportunity for people to stay for a while for refreshments and to light their own candles in memory of a loved one or write a message on our memory tree if they wish to.

The service can prove very beneficial, and can help people feel less alone in their grief. Many people tell us that they find it beneficial to come to the hospice.

*Coronavirus update*

Whilst sadly, we cannot be together for our services at the moment because of COVID-19 we wish to share with you this video which brings together the readings and poems from our remembrance service.

We appreciate coming together to mark the lives of our loved ones can be a powerful shared experience and one which brings us great comfort.

You are welcome to share the link with family members you feel would benefit from watching it.

Although we hope the service brings you comfort, understandably it is worth bearing in mind it may generate emotions difficult to deal with, especially if you are separated from family and friends during the pandemic. To prepare for this, it may be useful for you to consider when you wish to watch it, taking into account how you are feeling at that time. If you have friends or family who may also plan to watch the service, try and arrange a date and time that you know you are all watching it at the same time. It might be worth arranging to talk with a family member or friend after you’ve watched it.

Of course if you do find yourself struggling to cope, the Samaritans are available or you can contact the Hospice on 01942 525566, who will arrange for one of our bereavement support team to contact you.

We hope this video brings you solace at this time.