Having worked across many local authority areas throughout my career I have seen many fine examples of innovation but rarely, if ever, have I seen an initiative such as HIYCH which has so obviously led a change of approach across the local community. It seems to me that a desire to ensure a good death is now part of the DNA of the area we all serve – this is positive on so many levels and without doubt helps make a healthier community.On the 2018 Hospice In Your Care Home conference

On behalf of all of (resident's) family thank you for looking after her with such compassion and dignity. The level of care given has been a genuine comfort to the family locally and also further afield.A letter was shared with us by a care home we work with. Here is an excerpt

I must say I thought this is a terrific service – the passion and commitment and utmost dedication of the team shone through – I felt privileged to meet with most of the team and hear all about their work. The impact they have made in respect of reducing admissions and increasing ACPs is the best I have heard of personally. Comment from a visitor from another hospice

A big thank you to the Hospice In Your Care Home team for their dedication and for highlighting the issues in the care homes that needs to be resolved. A comment from a local partner

I think what you do is profound, I feel very strongly that .... we should help.... to support people to have a good death. You are so experienced, knowledgeable and passionate A comment from a local partner

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for inviting me to the awards event on Friday evening. It was inspirational to see the real difference the project is making to people’s lives.A comment on our awards evening