Links to other services

There are a wide variety of places, organisations and charities where you can get further help or information.


External Support


There are many national and local organisations which offer emotional, practical and financial support to people living with cancer.


Diseases other than cancer

There are many diseases, other than cancer, which can which can shorten a person’s life or limit the person’s ability to live life fully.


Your digital assets and digital legacy

You may want to think about what happens to your digital assets and digital legacy, such as your Facebook account, Twitter account, online banking and so on after you die.


Organ donation

If you are interested in finding out more about organ or tissue donation we are happy to help. For further information and support to arrange this there are organisations which can help.


LGBT resources

If you identify as LGBT there are various organisations and websites which can offer information and support additional to that offered by your hospice professional.


Practical Advice

There are things you may want to think about to get your affairs in order. Read about some practical steps you can take now.


Adult Health and Social Care

Wigan Council provides a number of services for those local residents who need support.