A special gift

16 August 2011

When nine year old Bethany Davies used to visit her Mum Louise, (37), in Wigan & Leigh Hospice in June this year, she used to spend a lot of time watching the fish in the visitors’ lounge.

She said, "I used to count the fish every day and loved watching them swimming around the tank.It made me feel so peaceful.I wanted to buy one for the Hospice in memory of my Mum. I've called him 'Finley'."


Dad Mark adds, "The personal care we all received at the Hospice was exceptional.We were welcomed like friends. The nursing staff even let Bethany help in some of their duties. They kept her involved and occupied. She loved it.The building itself is so welcoming, peaceful, relaxing and friendly.Our circumstances were tragic, but the people at the Hospice were brilliant."

Bethany Davis

Bethany adds, "I used to practice running around the Hospice gardens because I am joining Wigan Harriers in September. The big TV in the Lounge was great for watching cartoons and I really loved the fish."

Hospice Chief Executive Stuart Liptrot says, "Bethany is a lovely girl and her gesture is something we have never experienced before.It is a lovely thought and we are delighted to see Finley making friends with the other fish in the tank."

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