New social networking site for the disabled

02 September 2011

A new 'Social Network' site called Winzable has been started for the disabled community.

 It is the first and only site to offer a social network for the disabled community to talk, debate, post blogs, Share what is on your mind and get the opinion of others. Find information on disabilities, events and organizations up and down the UK.

It has been founded by local man Robert Winstanley, himself disabled, who felt there was no on-line-community for this large sector of society.

Robert says, "The mission is to inspire people to live a more independent and active life by allowing specialist equipment to trade easily amongst the community. Our goals are to get the disabled community talking to each other, offering each other support & guidance through hard times and bringing together people with similar disabilities so they know they are not alone.

The idea came from my own life experiences. It is good to have friends and family to help and support you but who knows better than anyone else what you are really experiencing than someone who has been there, done it and got the T-shirt. I am very passionate about creating a site where everything is in one place, to help people over come any fears or stopping them living a fulfilled life."

WinZable will contain information from various charities and organizations up and down the country to help provide people with the support they need.


For full details visit the website

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