Up up and away

02 November 2011

Sprightly 90 year old Leslie Hart from Hindley recently celebrated his landmark birthday and instead of presents, he asked for donations to Wigan & Leigh Hospice.

As a result he presented a magnificent £350 to Stuart Liptrot, retiring former Chief Executive.

During discussions it became clear that Leslie is still living the same active and fun-filled life he has always enjoyed.His working career encompassed Roofing, the Army and working in the Credit industry, which he did until he finally decided to retire at the young age of 74.Leslie said, "I thought I'd done enough then."

Up and awayUp, Up and away

He may well have done enough in his working career, but this energetic and active 90 year old: who only chose to stop driving and touring with his caravan on the back a few months ago, went on to say, "I always wanted to go up in an aeroplane, buthad never done so.I can never understand how they even get off the ground.

On my 80th Birthday, as a present from the family, I found myself on the way to Blackpool Airport.

"Little did I expect than when I sat next to the Pilot in the cockpit of the Cessna, he said - 'Right you take us up!'So I did.Not only that, but I piloted the plane all over Lancashire.I even went over the Wigan Warriors ground and Hindley.What an experience".

Ken said, "The pilot paid him a complement when we got out.He said, 'You are really good - better than the young ones because you flew by sight and not the instruments!'Fortunately the pilot landed the plane."

Leslie is a born and bred 'Wiganer', initially born in Ince, spent some time in Spring View and in 1963 moved to the 'wilds' of Hindley with his beloved wife Agnes who died in 2,000 after 53 years of happiness together.

Leslie's message to young people is "Look after yourself and face life's challenges in a positive way."

Stuart Liptrot added, "What a great character.Here I am a mere youngster preparing to retire.I told him my secret, that I had always fancied being a pilot, but my career path flew a different route.Everyone at the Hospice would like to thank Leslie for his generous gesture and to everyone who contributed.The money will be used to care for local people who are living with a life-threatening illness."

Unsurprisingly the last word goes to this sprightly, bright, energetic 90 year old: "I don't see any point in growing old (mentally)."

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