Family form new support group

Family form new support group

22 June 2012

The family and friends of former Hospice patients Sheila Mason and Ronald Bromley have set up a Wigan & Leigh Hospice Support Group in Pemberton as their way of “giving something back”

Amazing specialist care

Dawn Barton, daughter of Sheila Mason explained, "Mum was a patient of Wigan & Leigh Hospice and we were amazed at the specialist care, support and love that she, and all the family received.  The impact on Mum, and us, means that we are now committed to doing what we can to ensure that the Hospice are able to continue providing the level of care people like us need.  When Mum was referred to the Hospice, at first we were nervous because of the pre-conceived ideas we had.  But how wrong can you be!  It is nothing like any of us, including Mum, expected."

Barton familyleft to right - Dawn Barton - Tommy Mason (Dawns Dad)  - Marie Garry & Community Support Group Officer, Julie Houston

She continued, "Mum used to go as a Day Patient every Monday and enjoyed it so much she would not even let her beloved bingo get in the way.  Normally, nothing would interfere with her bingo.  She was also visited by the Hospice Specialist Nurses at home who were fantastic. That was another surprise, we thought the nurses were employed by another charity, but they are in fact employed by the Hospice.  In fact there are so many misconceptions, that as well as raising money, we want to let other people in our situation know the true facts about Hospice care."

Marie Garry added, "When Dawn told me she was setting up a group involved in fundraising for the Hospice, I wanted to be involved.  My Grandad Ronald Bromley was on the same journey; and the Hospice couldn't do enough for him.  No matter how busy they are: the nurses, doctors and even volunteers, will drop everything for you.  They are wonderful.  Love simply wraps itself around you like a warm blanket."

Building support groups

The Hospice has recently begun the process of setting up 'support groups' in the Borough.  These are designed to be local people joining together to help raise the profile and funds for the Hospice in various localities around the Borough."

No pressure

Dawn concluded, "When we heard that the Hospice was planning to set up a support group in the Pemberton area: at first, we were a little apprehensive and concerned at what we might be expected to do.  But there is no pressure, we simply do what we want, when we want; knowing that we are helping other people on the same journey we have travelled.  Why don't you do the same?  You don't need any special qualifications, or even to have had any previous contact with the Hospice".

Please visit and LIKE the Pemberton support group facebook page

If you want to help a little in your area of the Borough, it doesn't need to cost you any money; just a little of your time occasionally.  You will be contributing towards ensuring that the Hospice is still there if you or your loved ones ever need it.  To find out more about how you might be able to help without any obligation, simply ring Julie Houston at the Hospice on 01942 525566 or email Julie @

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