International bingo night

22 April 2012

John Carney, his wife Alison and their 3 children took part in a family and friends Bingo night to raise funds for Wigan & Leigh Hospice. The only problem was, they were at home in New Zealand and the bingo night was in Wigan!

The magic of modern technology, in the form of Skype, meant that they could have a live involvement.

The night was organised by two ten-year-old young ladies, Hannah Carney and Rebecca Benson who lost their Grandma Maureen Carney in January. She was a patient of Wigan & Leigh Hospice and they chose the hospice to receive the magnificent £255 it raised.

hannah Carney and Rebecca Benson

They decided to hold a fun night at Grandad's house to raise funds for the hospice. It was so successful that friends, family and neighbours packed the house to the rafters. So much so, every room, even the kitchen, was crowded.  At one point, the girls got stuck in a bedroom trying to get the tombola prizes.

Rebecca's mum Donna was in charge of the catering. However, a small mishap with a burnt pizza initially caused her some concern. But there was no stopping this enterprising family and soon the burnt pieces of pizza were wrapped in paper and became 'prizes' in pass the parcel!  The biggest challenge was how to pass the parcel to New Zealand.

Rebecca and Hannah said, "We know how well Grandma was looked after by the hospice and how much she used to enjoy going to the Day Hospice.  It's a lovely place and we were looked after when we visited her."

Hospice community fundraiser Maxine Armstrong said, "This is the first time I'm aware of a 'world-wide' fundraiser for us. Donna and Rebecca did a brilliant job in raising so much money and they've said that they're planning another next year."

It shows that with modern technology and a little initiative, there are truly no limits in how families and friends can support each other and the hospice.

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