Your vote could help Wigan & Leigh Hospice get 1000 from Specsavers

Your vote could help Wigan & Leigh Hospice get £1,000 from Specsavers

16 May 2012

As part of Specsavers' 21st anniversary, the company is offering a £1,000 gift for the local charity with the most votes. Your vote could help Wigan & Leigh Hospice secure the £1,000 gift.

Anyone can vote, even if they're an employee or volunteer at the Hospice. All you have to do is simply e-mail the newspaper nominating Wigan & Leigh Hospice as the charity you would like see receive the £1,000 gift.

Why send your e-mail vote?

Fundraising activities like this are a vital part of our income, enabling us to continue to provide free care and support services to our patients. Every day we need to raise the equivalent of £4,500!

Sending your e-mail vote - (important)

As this is being done in conjunction with The Leigh Journal, all nominations need to be sent to Nicola Priest at specifying stating Wigan & Leigh Hospice, your name and one or two sentences explaining your reasons for nominating the Hospice. All nominations must be sent before the 28th May.


Please share this opportunity with all your friends and family via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Together we will have a much better chance of winning the £1,000.

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