Old Hospice Beds go to Bangladesh

08 August 2013

In keeping with the Wigan & Leigh Hospice philosophy of trying to provide the best possible care for patients, the beds in the in-patient unit have recently been replaced with the latest version which incorporates a number of improvements.

This means significant benefits for patients with limited mobility, enabling them to get into and out of bed more easily, as well as providing greater levels of comfort by offering a wider range of positions for sleeping, eating and resting.

But what do you do with 14 serviceable unwanted beds?

Alan Baron, Hospice Chief Executive says, "At a recent meeting of the Hospice Council, the matter was raised of how to dispose of the existing beds.  One Trustee knew of charity which despatches serviceable second-hand equipment to the third world."

The Epiphany Trust, which is based in the Wigan Borough, has been supporting projects around the world, in places such as Romania, Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Pakistan.


Bill Hampson from the Trust said, "We provide support to third world countries.  We recently supplied a container of educational goods including cricket equipment to schools in Sri Lanka as well as financial support for them and for 8 schools on the Thai/Burma border."

"When we heard of the availability of these beds, we knew immediately how valuable they would be for our current Bangladesh appeal and we 'jumped at the chance'. They will be transported in a container to a Hospital in Dhaka. We know how much they will be appreciated and will be invaluable in that often disaster-struck part of the world. "

Alan concluded, "We are delighted that, thanks to the excellent work done by the Epiphany Trust, Hospital patients on the other side of the world will benefit from our beds."

To find out more about the work of the Epihanby Trust, go to www.epiphany.org.uk


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