Thrillseekers raise thousands

23 June 2014

THOUSANDS of pounds have been raised for Wigan and Leigh Hospice after 39 people took part in a sponsored sky dive.

Thrillseekers raise thousandsHospice supporters leaped out of a plane over Cockerham near Lancaster at 11,000ft or 15,000ft for the very brave at the Black Knights Parachute Centre on Saturday, June 21st.

The Hospice, which provides free palliative care for people across Wigan and Leigh, needs to raise over £7,400 every day.

Wally Arrowsmith, 39, from Hindley raised over £800 in memory of his uncle Bayden Derbyshire who was cared for by the Hospice.

He said: "I wanted to take part because my uncle died in 1997 at the Hospice and for the help and care he received I wanted to do something, especially considering how much the Hospice needs to raise. Anyone might need the Hospice and you never know if you might need it yourself one day.
"Everyone who has helped who could and even my 72-year-old mum and her neighbour have been out collecting sponsorship money."

Kerrie Bore, 32, from Springfield brought a group of 14 friends and her brother Paul who all did a sky dive to raise funds in memory of her dad Billy.

She said: "My dad was only in the Hospice for 24 hours but they were lovely and the Hospice relies on donations so it's good to give something back.
"He was a big character all my friends knew him and they are nuts so they agreed to do the sky dive with me and my brother.
"Raising money is my way of keeping his memory alive and I'll keep on doing it."

Christine Edwardson, Community Fundraiser for the Hospice also did the sky dive.

She said: "We were lucky to have perfect conditions on the day and everybody was so excited the atmosphere was electric. Sky divers brought big groups of their friends and family and made it a really special occasion - in fact most of them said they'd love to do it again.
"The sky dive was one of the best things I've ever done and I'm still on a high. I'd like to thank everyone on behalf of the Hospice for facing their fears and helping us raise money which will make a huge difference to local people."


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