Burglars ransack Hospice shop

12 June 2015

BURGLARS have broken into our shop on Mesnes Street causing hundreds of pounds in damage.

The shopin Wigan town centre was broken into sometime between 10pm on Monday, June 8th and 7am the next morning when the alarm was raised.

Burglars broke a glass panel and threw a paving stone through a window at the front of the shop in order to gain entry then pushed over a set of shelves which smashed donated goods and ransacked the staff area. The cost of the damage is estimated at around £350.

Dot Baggaley, Volunteer Shop Co-ordinator, said: "It was a right mess; they've thrown things about, flung open filing cabinets and lockers looking for money.
"I felt sick when I walked in and saw it - we're volunteers working all day for free then they come in and do this.
"We leave the till open so people can see there's nothing in it, but they still went through it. They thought they were going to get our takings but we bank it every night and because they couldn't find money they've destroyed everything."

Volunteers spent the morning tidying the shop but opened to shoppers by 11am.

"We sat on the settee in the middle of the room and served people from there," said Dot. "If you stand about doing nothing they win so we opened up as soon as we could."

Kate Gaynor, Retail Manager, said: "We rely completely on the generosity of local people and on our volunteers who dedicate a lot of time and effort to keeping the shop going. It is incredibly upsetting when callous individuals try to wreck everything they have worked so hard for.
"If anyone knows who has done this I would urge them to contact the police.

Anyone with information should call the police on the non-emergency number 101.


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