Hospice asks local businesses to pledge their support

06 October 2015

An application for funding to build a new patient entrance directly into the In-Patient Unit at the Hospice, improving patient dignity, is to be supported by the Big Give.

Every year, the Big Give's Christmas Challenge distributes funds from businesses to charities for specific projects, match funding any donations given by the local community.

In order to qualify for the funding, the Hospice needs to find business across the borough willing to pledge over £1,000 by 16th October.

This will form half of the 'matching pot' available with the other half being donated by national 'champions' sourced by the Big Give.

Once the 'matching pot' is in place, the challenge begins and for just two days in December (4th and 5th), supporters in the local community will be asked to donate online towards the project.

If we reach £25,000, the donation will be doubled through the Big Give 'matching pot' to £50,000.

Mike Parr, Director of Corporate Services, said: "The Big Give's Christmas Challenge is a fantastic time to donate to the Hospice because donations made online can be doubled.

"In previous years, we've been fortunate enough to be very well supported by local people and we're relying on that support again. However, we first need to secure some business 'pledgers' from across Wigan and Leigh to support the Hospice by agreeing to pledge over £1k to our Big Give campaign. Many businesses don't realise that they can claim any donations against their tax liabilities too.

"We have some wonderful plans to create a new entrance to the Hospice for our Inpatient admissions. Our building was designed 20 years ago with a single entrance area, used by everyone. Patients arriving by ambulance are transported through our busy reception area, which can be distressing for them and for anyone waiting in the reception area.

"We aim to build a new entrance for patients which will allow ambulances to park close by, with a sheltered external doorway. The corridor from the new door will allow patients to be taken directly onto the Inpatient Unit without passing through public areas, preserving their dignity. Getting donations doubled by the Big Give will give our campaign a fantastic boost."

Donations must be given online and during the period set out by the Big Give if they are to be doubled.

For more information or to pledge your support, visit The Big Give, contact fundraising@wlh.org.uk or call 01942 525566.

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