Pennies turn into pounds

24 August 2016

A PUB in Hindley has raised over £900 for charity by asking drinkers to leave a penny every time they spend a penny.

Ellesmere Inn

Landlord of the Ellesmere Inn, Andy Sharrock, has posters up in the Ladies and Gents asking users to give a donation to Wigan and Leigh Hospice every time they use the facilities.

The 54-year-old put the posters up six months ago and drinkers at the Lancaster Road pub have raised a grand total of £902.16 so far.

Andy said: "One of my customers, Mark Boardman, suggested it and another customer, Barry Halliwell, takes the donations up to the Hospice.
"Mark just came up with it one night and I thought it was a brilliant idea. We used to have one collecting tin on the bar but now that donations are coming in from the Ladies and Gents as well we're getting a lot more. We used to send donations up to the Hospice every two to three months when the tin was full but now it's more like every two to three weeks.
"We'll definitely be continuing to do it and I think it would be great if other pubs did the same."

Andy is boosting the funds raised by holding a Fun Day in aid of Wigan and Leigh Hospice on Monday, August 29th, from 12noon to 7pm. Visitors will be able to enjoy a bouncy castle, a pool knock-out tournament, refreshments, games, stalls and more.

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