We love your unwanted goods

25 October 2016

Have you got any unwanted furniture?

We have 13 shops across the Borough which are reliant on donations of goods from local people.

A range of goods are sold in the shops including clothing, electrical items, toys and books but stocks of good quality furniture are running low.

Barbara Holme, Retail Co-ordinator for the Hospice, said: "We are fortunate to be so well supported by the people of Wigan and Leigh and need their help once again. Please do have a look around your home, in the loft, in the garage and if you have any unwanted furniture give us a call and we will be happy to give it a new home."

Items which can be donated include tables and chairs, bedside tables, drawers, wall units, wardrobes, beds, chairs and suites although these must have a fire retardant label attached.

The Hospice needs to raise over £8,700 every day from fundraising, the Hospice lottery, donations and the hospice shops, which are run entirely by volunteers, make a significant contribution.

Anyone who wants to donate furniture should contact the Hospice on 01942 525566 to arrange a free collection.

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