Challenge is made to businesses

08 June 2017

WORKPLACES across Wigan and Leigh are being challenged to turn £50 into much more for the hospice.

Challenge is made to businesses

The hospice has issued a Corporate Challenge to the borough's businesses.

Those that sign up for the challenge will be given a crisp £50 note and asked to come up with innovative and creative ways of turning it into much more for the hospice.

Fundraising and lottery manager, Maxine Armstrong, said: "This is a brand new and exciting way to fundraise and one which will really motivate staff to work together for a good cause. It's also a chance for a bit of friendly competition between our businesses across Wigan and Leigh!
"There are lots of ways to raise money - hold a raffle, use the money to buy sponges and buckets for a car wash, hold a quiz night, use the money to buy ingredients for a bake sale or come up with some ideas of your own."

Businesses which sign up have until Tuesday, October 31st to complete the challenge. To celebrate the end of the challenge an awards ceremony will be held in November when the team which has raised the most will be announced as the winners of the Corporate Challenge 2017.

There will also be awards for Best Event, Best Male, Best Female, Innovation, LOL Award (for the activity which made the judges laugh out loud), Rising Star, Team Spirit and Fundraiser of the Year.

To sign up for the Corporate Challenge businesses should contact: or call the fundraising team at the hospice on 01942 525566.


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