Charity sky dive in dad's memory

10 April 2017

A MUM from Hindley will jump 11,000ft out of a plane to raise money for the Hospice as a thank you for helping her late father.

Charity sky dive in dad's memory

Becky Leonard, 33, will do her first ever sky dive in memory of her dad Brian Leonard and to raise money for Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

Brian sadly passed away at the hospice on April 23rd 2016 after 5 days spent on the Inpatient Unit (IPU) and would have been 80 years old on April 5th this year.

Becky, a Checkout Operator at Tesco Hindley, said: "My dad had a debilitating stroke and we cared for him at home for 14 months. When he started to decline we were put in touch with the hospice although we were thinking we might want to keep him at home.
"I'd never been in the hospice before and I didn't know what it did - I thought that you just came in and died. I also had a perception it was just for cancer patients, I didn't realise they could help people like us."

Brian had been receiving care from the Hospice In Your Home team for two weeks before he was referred by them to the Inpatient Unit at the hospice.

"When we came in and saw how they were with him, and how they were with us as a family, I couldn't have asked for anything more.
"It was just little things: he hadn't been outside in 18 months and staff made it so we could wheel him outside and he could feel the breeze on his face and the sun was shining. He had a taste of whisky too and he was really responsive which he hadn't been for months. He loved nature and birds, if you went around he'd always be outside in the garden, so it meant a lot."

Becky says although she is anxious she is looking forward to the sky dive and her dad would have encouraged her to do it.

"He was a free spirit," said Becky. "He was a thrill seeker - if you went to a theme park he'd be the first on the biggest rollercoaster - so I know if he were here he'd have been the first to say go for it.
"I'm nervous but I've had a few friends who have done it who have said I will really enjoy it. It's given me a personal challenge to lose weight as well so I've lost one and a half stones since I signed up for the sky dive.
"A number of my friends and colleagues have also used the hospice and its services with their families and you don't realise how much an integral part of the community the hospice is until you need it. I can't thank the hospice enough for what they've done for us as a family."

So far, Becky has raised just over £400 in sponsorship, but is hoping to reach the £500 mark.

Places are available for the Sky Dive for Wigan and Leigh Hospice on May 21st. The sky dive takes place at the Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster. Sign up by contacting the fundraising team: or 01942 525566.

Sponsor Becky via her Just Giving account:


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