From old banger to Lambikini

16 May 2017

IT’S Benidorm or Bust for two couples hoping to raise funds for Wigan and Leigh Hospice with their ‘Lambikini’ car.

From old banger to Lambikini

Kerry and Harry Howlett with Lydia and Matz Schleinitz are Team Lambikini and have customised a former Citroen Xsara Picasso to resemble a lamb in a bikini.

The old banger bought for £300 in Leigh has been covered in fake lamb's wool and Team Lambikini will spend 4 days travelling 1,400 miles from Dover to the finish line in Benidorm.

They'll join hundreds of others taking part in annual driving challenge 'Benidorm or Bust' between June 6th and 10th.

"I'd read about Benidorm or Bust and thought it looked like a laugh," Kerry explained. "Then I was having a dinner party one night and said we should do it. We all had a look at the website and saw a car covered in fur which gave me the idea to create a 'Lambikini' and it went from there.
"In January we found a car for sale on Facebook in Leigh for £350 and when we explained what we were doing we got it for £300. Then we got a designer to create a logo for Lambikini based on the Lamborghini logo and spent 3 days in total creating it."

All funds raised will go towards Wigan and Leigh Hospice which cared for Kerry's dad Gerry Franckel in 2010.

Kerry, originally from Hindley, said: "The hospice gave my dad palliative care in 2010. He was admitted for a week in the summer and came home but was readmitted in December the same year for three or four days until he passed away. The staff were great while he was in but afterwards they were so supportive with me too.
"The hospice supported me and my family through the worst time. I wanted to give them something back no matter how small.
"He was the best dad in the world. He would have loved what we're doing - he might have wanted to come along too!"

The team are hoping to raise £1,500 for Wigan and Leigh Hospice and will be collecting funds as they travel across Europe.

You can follow the progress of the Lambikini by searching for 'Team Lambikini' on Facebook. You can sponsor Team Lambikini at


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