Hospice selected for research project

30 January 2018

A COMMUNITY nursing service provided by the hospice has been chosen to take part in a national research project funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Hospice selected for research project

Hospice In Your Home was selected as one of seven services to participate in the project to examine which models of providing hospice care in patient homes works best.

The research project - Optimum Hospice at Home Services for End of Life Care - aims to examine which features work, who they work for and how that enables better care and outcomes for both patients and carers.

Every year the Hospice In Your Home service based at Wigan and Leigh Hospice cares for hundreds of local people with a life-limiting illness and in 2017 cared for over 400 patients. The team cares solely for people in the community to provide a hospice service in their own homes.

Rose Davis, Hospice In Your Home Manager, said: "Across the country hospice at home services vary a great deal; services utilise different skills sets, serve diverse populations and not every area has the same NHS services.
"The researchers, supported by the National Association for Hospice at Home (NAHH), approached 128 hospice at home services and from that we were selected to be one of the services they wanted to do a more in-depth study on. We were chosen partly because we are a larger team, we offer care over a 24-hour period 7 days a week and we are based in an urban deprived area.
"By sharing knowledge and experience in this way the care of patients and the loved ones who care for them will ultimately be improved and we are delighted to be part of it."

The number of people expressing a wish to die at home is increasing and the project aims to ensure that, not only is care improved, but that hospices are equipped as best they can to meet this growing demand.

The researchers will be spending time with the Hindley-based team to understand how the team works and will conduct telephone interviews with between 60 and 70 patients between now and March 2019 with those patients and their carers who consent to do so.

Once the research project is complete guidelines will be produced to help with decision making, service development and ensuring best practice for hospice at home services.

The Hospice In Your Home team at Wigan and Leigh Hospice is made up of three nurses and 11 healthcare assistants.



The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR): improving the health and wealth of the nation through research. Established by the Department of Health, the NIHR:
• funds high quality research to improve health
• trains and supports health researchers
• provides world-class research facilities
• works with the life sciences industry and charities to benefit all
• involves patients and the public at every step
For further information, visit the NIHR website (www.nihr.ac.uk).

The study is sponsored by the University of Kent.

Only patients with carers will be invited to take part.




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