Bereavement care

Bereavement care

Perhaps as important as our care for our patients when they are living is our care for their loved ones when they have gone.

Our bereavement care begins before the person dies, supporting the family, friends and carers of the patient; preparing them for the loss of a loved one. After all, people are part of a family unit and the death of one member impacts on all. 

Our bereavement service 

When a patient has died, we offer a bereavement service to family and carers. We do this by contacting their next of kin and offering our services should they be needed - from this point, people 'self refer', asking us for help if required. We then provide a bereavement assessment, to understand the level of help that's required and to provide suitable support, through trained counsellors and volunteers. Death does touch us all at some point, but that doesn't make it easy to deal with, especially for a close loss. We can help people come to terms with their grief and to rebuild themselves emotionally.

Remembrance evenings

Our quarterly remembrance evenings provide a forum for those who have recently lost a loved one in the hospice's care to come together and remember them. The service is mainly non-religious, with a short religious section at the end for those who wish to take part in this. During the service we read the names of those who have recently died, light candles, listen to readings and music - sharing the experience with others. This helps people come to terms with their loss and helps them to feel less alone in their grief. Many people tell us that they find it beneficial to come back to the hospice.

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