Support for carers

Support for carers

It isn’t just our patients who need and benefit from our care and support. We know that family and friends can find caring for a loved one to be a challenge.

While the primary focus of our care is always our patients, we also provide a great deal of help to their carers, family and friends - who will themselves be facing a challenging time, often with limited support for themselves, and without any training or preparation.

Help and advice

It can be time-consuming and challenging enough to meet the needs of someone who is coming to the end of their life. There's often practical help available - but where do you turn? We try to help where we can - for example, by explaining the grants and allowances available for patients who are living at home. 

vistor and patient

We understand that when someone is ill this impacts on their families and others close to them.  If you would like to talk to someone about how you are feeling, please speak to a member of staff.  Complementary therapy, counselling and bereavement support are available to those who need them.

Further Support

For information on benefits or care packages please contact Wigan Council.

For information on accessing equipment, such as wheelchairs, please speak to your District Nurse or GP who can make a referral.

More information on accessing support can be viewed here:


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