Patient Confidentiality

All information about patients is treated confidentially and will only be shared with other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment so that you receive the best possible care.

Wherever possible, we will gain your consent before we share this information.

However, in exceptional circumstances we may need to share information without your consent for your own safety or that of others.

Receiving copies of your clinical letters

Your GP, District Nurses and other key healthcare professionals involved in your care are provided with a written summary of the consultation with your Hospice Nurse Specialist, clinic appointments and when you are discharged from any Hospice service.

We encourage our patients to have a copy of this letter for their own records. The letter will usually contain confidential information regarding your illness and treatment and a summary of the main issues identified during your consultation or inpatient stay. It will not contain anything that has not been discussed with you. Some patients do find that reading about their illness can be difficult, so you will be asked if you want to receive a copy of your letters or not.

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