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Useful links

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Cancer causes around 13% of all human deaths worldwide. While cancer can affect people of all ages, and a few types of cancer are more common in children, the risk of developing cancer generally increases with age.

Diseases other than cancer

There are many diseases, other than cancer, which can shorten a person’s life or limit the person’s ability to live life fully. There are many organisations which can help with diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s, CJD and other life-limiting illnesses.

Health issues

Those living with terminal or life-limiting illnesses can also suffer from other health issues – such as lymphoedema. These may be ‘secondary’ but they can fundamentally affect someone’s wellbeing.

Information for carers

Caring can take its toll on your finances, your health, your career and your family and your social life. Carers can fall out of paid work and many rely on low-level benefits. These websites are intending to help those who are carers cope better.

Palliative care

Most people are unaware of what palliative care is until they need it. Palliative care is a specialised area of healthcare that focuses on preventing the suffering of patients.

Websites for healthcare professionals

Websites that are designed to help healthcare professionals find more detailed information on specific end-of-life care issues. Although these websites contain detailed medical information, some patients and carers may also find them useful.

Your digital assets and digital legacy

You may want to think about what happens to your digital assets and digital legacy, such as your Facebook account, Twitter account, online banking and so on after you die.

LGBT resources

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