Nicola Smith, the daughter of a patient at Wigan & Leigh Hospice, shares her experiences

Who we care for

Wigan and Leigh Hospice provides specialist care and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses and those people important to them.

Our care extends to patients with any life-limiting illness including - but not limited to - cancer, respiratory condition and neurological conditions.

We deliver personalised care to address the physical, emotional, social, practical and spiritual needs of our patients.



Patients with an advanced life threatening illness of any diagnosis may be referred to Hospice services for:

•           Assessment and review of complex symptoms

•           End of life care

•           Temporary care following a hospital discharge before the patient goes home

•           Family support

Patients must be referred to Hospice services by an appropriate healthcare professional including a District Nurse, GP or Hospital staff.

Once a patient is referred to the Hospice we will work closely with all other healthcare professionals involved in our patients' care. 


Where we provide care

The vast majority of our care is delivered to patients living in the community whether in their own homes or nursing homes. Wigan and Leigh Hospice currently cares for more than 750 people in the community every year through our team of Hospice Nurse Specialists and our Hospice in Your Home team.

Over 250 people every year are referred to our 14-bed Inpatient Unit for end-of-life care or temporary care before a patient goes home.

We offer services which patients attend for one-off or regular sessions to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes:

•           Nurses

•           Consultant in Palliative Care

•           Doctors

•           Physiotherapists

•           Occupational Therapists

•           Social Worker

•           Counsellors

•           Complementary Therapists

•           Dietician

•           Speech and Language Therapist

•           Education team

•           Volunteers

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