40th Anniversary

40 years ago, a community came together to open our hospice. 

It's hard to believe that just 40 years ago there was no Wigan & Leigh Hospice.

From the forming of Dr Surman's vision to our official opening, through to the achievements of the present day, the hospice has done so much for so many.

Opened on September 12th 1983 and led by founder Matron Jean Peet, to the hospice we know today. We have so much to give thanks for. As part of our celebrations, we held a commemorative service at St Wilfrid's Church in Standish. This ceremony gave those who have been involved in then hospice throughout our 40 year history, the opportunity to come together to celebrate the work that the hospice has done to support the people of Wigan and Leigh.

Wigan & Leigh Hospice has become a valuable asset to our community across the entire borough. We have come a long way since the opening of our doors in 1983. However, these achievements have only been possible with the incredible support of our generous donors, without whom, we wouldn't be here today.

From everyone past and present at the hospice, we'd like to give our greatest thanks to you for helping us to do what we do.

For 40 years, we've cared for your community and we look forward to providing 40 more years of care.

Talk a walk through history with our timeline.