Geoff’s Story

Geoff Greenhalgh, 83, from Orrell was re-diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago. He is a regular visitor to the Oak Centre at the hospice.

Geoff was first diagnosed with prostate cancer 17 years ago after his wife persuaded him to go to a GP for a check-up. Two weeks later he was operated on which was followed by 37 days of radiotherapy then chemotherapy in the form of oestrogen injections.

Going to the hospice

He was checked on for 10 years before being given the all-clear but found out in 2016 that the cancer had returned. His oncologist referred Geoff to the hospice in summer 2017 where he began to receive acupuncture and was told about the Oak Centre*.

He said: “I was having hot flushes and the hospice doctor said acupuncture worked for some people. I’m very sceptical but I had 5 sessions and the time period between hot flushes went from 30 minutes to every hour and a half. I can say I was a sceptic once but now I’m a fan.

“I was also told about the Oak Centre and referred to Dulcie, the physiotherapist, because my balance is terrible and I have had a lot of falls – about 20. Dulcie gives me exercises to do, I started off with simple stuff and they get more difficult every time.”

Suffering from pain in his back, neck and shoulders Geoff has also been referred for complementary therapy at the hospice.

He said: “Last time I had Reiki which I’d never heard of so I asked my therapist Jill what on earth it was and she told me she’d go over me with her hands but not touch me. She started at my head and when she went over my ear it became really hot. She went around my whole body with her hands and I felt so warm. It relaxed every muscle in my body and afterwards I felt like I was walking on air.”

Geoff also visits the Oak Centre for education sessions and enjoys the drop-in sessions when Oak Centre members can help themselves to a drink and meet other members or chat to volunteers.

He said: “I try to get out every day and coming to the Oak Centre keeps me active. I think it’s a fantastic place, I’d say to anyone thinking of coming to definitely come.”

*The Oak Centre closed in December 2020