Hannah’s story

Clinical Practice Educator

Hannah started working for the hospice in November 2013 after spending three years working on an acute neurosurgical ward.

She had always wanted to work in palliative care so when she saw a job for a Staff Nurse advertised she decided to apply.

In 2015 she successfully applied for a role as a Senior Staff Nurse before progressing to become Deputy Inpatient Unit Manager in February 2018.


Becoming a clinical practice educator

In June 2021 she became Clinical Practice Educator – a shared role between Wigan and Leigh Hospice and Bolton Hospice.

Here she describes what it is like to work for Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

“When I arrived I thought everyone was really friendly,” she said. “When you begin working for the hospice you are introduced to everyone and I love that. It felt homely and less clinical than a hospital environment.

“When I worked on the Inpatient Unit I loved being able to do my job efficiently and look after my patients to the best of my ability. We also have the facilities to provide good care; the facilities are amazing and we’ve got on-site doctors, social workers and there’s always support when you need it from the Hospice Nurse Specialist team.

“The Healthcare Assistants on the IPU are very skilled and provide the nurses with a lot of support. Staff here are very supportive of each other and always respectful of the environment they are in.

Working as a team

“The Inpatient Unit works as a team and if a patient needs a nurse, regardless of whose patient they are, everybody works together to make sure the patient is looked after.

“Now I work in education so I’m still working very closely with the Inpatient Unit team on their clinical skills training needs. I absolutely love it.”