Becoming a patient

Becoming a patient

Wigan & Leigh Hospice provides a range of care services, both in the hospice and in the community.

If you're looking at this website because you feel that you or a family member requires the services of the hospice, for patients at home your first port of call should usually be your family doctor (GP) or district nurse.  If you are in hospital, you should speak to one of the doctors or nurses involved in your care.


Referrals to the hospice

Patients can only receive services from Wigan & Leigh Hospice following a referral from an appropriate healthcare professional, such as their GP, hospital consultant, specialist nurse or district nurse - we don't accept self-referrals with the exception of our Oak Centre.

So, please speak with one of the health professionals involved in your care - he or she will be able to refer you or your family member to us, should our services be required.

Healthcare professionals can download our referral form. Please see our Referral Guidance Notes.

Admissions to the hospice

Patients are generally admitted to the hospice for one or more of the following reasons:

  • symptom control - where they've been unable to have their symptoms managed by other means.
  • transitional care - perhaps when moving from hospital back to home or from hospital to a nursing home.
  • urgent respite care - when the carers or family of the patient are no longer able to support him or her at home; this often goes hand in hand with when someone requires symptom control.
  • end-of-life care

Because we have limited facilities, and our focus of care is the patient with specialist needs, we are unable to provide planned respite care, for example when relatives are going on holiday.   

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