Spiritual care

Spiritual care

Our goal is to care for the ‘whole needs of the whole person’ – providing not only care for the body, but also for the mind and spirit.

At Wigan and Leigh Hospice we endeavour to help and support patients with all aspects of their condition, including their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

The terms "spiritual" or "spirituality" relate to aspects of life which give meaning, purpose, hope and strength. For some, their spiritual beliefs are expressed through religious faith and practices, but for others it may be through relationships, hobbies or nature. For many the essence of their humanity will have several different components.

Working with each patient

Spiritual care is person-centred care which seeks to help people discover hope, resilience and inner strength in times of illness or loss. When people are seriously ill, it can challenge their beliefs and normal coping mechanisms. Many have questions such as "why is this happening to me?", "how can I make sense of this?" or "how can I find peace?"

The needs of each and every person are different. We work with each patient to explore his or her needs, whether they would benefit from a faith-based approach or a non-faith approach - delivering care and support to people who do not have a specific religious belief but are still 'spiritual beings'.

Help from all of our team

The clinical staff at the hospice have all undertaken training to help them explore these issues with patients and to support them on their spiritual journey.

Spiritual care can include compassionate listening, careful exploration of the issues, and gentle touch. For those who wish, we can arrange for their own faith leader or one of our volunteer chaplains to visit them.

The aim is to help people cope with their situation; to give them strength to put their lives into context and find a sense of peace and acceptance. Coming to terms with a life-limiting illness can be a powerful, positive part of palliative care. It can also allow people the opportunity to put plans in place for those they will leave behind.

Reflection Room

Our Reflection Room offers a peaceful space where patients and their visitors are welcome to sit if they wish. Faith books and religious artefacts are available for the major religions. There are books of pictures of inspiring places, prayers and words of comfort which some may find helpful. Some may wish to pray, meditate or listen quietly to music. For many, spending time in our beautiful gardens can help their spiritual wellbeing.

Reflection Room

We are continually looking to enhance our services to ensure they can best meet the needs of our patients and those close to them.

If you have any comments about the spiritual care we offer, please speak with a member of the clinical team or put a suggestion in the box in the main reception.


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