Wills legacies and gifts

Wills, legacies and gifts

Donations, covenants and money left in wills are a vital part of our annual income, helping to keep the hospice running so that others will benefit.

Of course, it's not just the hospice which can benefit from money left in a will - it's vital to make a will to ensure that your loved ones, friends and other good causes are looked after when you've gone.

How you can help the hospice

The hospice relies on income in the form of legacies - without it, we couldn't survive. If around £500,000 of our income comes from legacies that's enough for us to provide all of our services for over 45 days.

Why gifts to charities are so important

It's the gifts left in wills by people like you that keep the hospice running. Around 35% of people say that they would leave money to a charity, but only around 7% do - most people just don't 'get around to it'. Every donation mounts up and helps us to continue to provide hospice services free of charge to patients, their families and carers.

Reducing inheritance tax 

If your total estate exceeds £325,000, then you may have to pay inheritance tax, at the 40% rate, on everything over this amount. Making gifts to charities such as the hospice reduces your tax burden.

Making a will

It's not complicated to make a will, though it's easier with the help of a professional. We suggest talking to a solicitor, or a professional will-writer. You can find a solicitor via the Law Society's website. You can make contact with a professional will-writer via the Institute of Professional Will-Writers.

If you'd like to talk over this in more detail, you can contact Dying Matters, call the hospice on 01942 525566 or e-mail us: info@wlh.org.uk.

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