A brave lady

11 June 2011

Around 450 ladies walked in the recent Wigan & Leigh Hospice STAR TREKKERS sponsored walk.However Susan Willey desperately wanted to take part, but was not well enough to walk the route.So she did it in a wheelchair!

Susan says, "I am a patient at Wigan & Leigh Hospice and I cannot do enough for the Hospice.I want everyone to know what a wonderful, caring organisation it is.


Susan Willeyit all began with visits from a Hospice-based Social Worker who started me on an amazing journey of discovery and enlightenment.I was encouraged to consider Day Hospice but was full of trepidation.

I was expecting it to be drab, miserable and upsetting, but a visit from Jane, the Day Hospice Manager persuaded me to 'give it a try'.I couldn't have been more wrong.It started with the two brilliant volunteer Hospice drivers Bert and Keith, who put me at ease straight away.They were so re-assuring and every week afterwards they became good friends.

When I arrived at the Hospice, it was like walking into a 5 star hotel.The only difference being, that I soon discovered that the service at the Hospice was better!The first time I walked through the door, I had one of those 'eye-opening' experiences.It is incredible.The staff, volunteers and other patients are fantastic.The food is wonderful and the building is 'state of the art'.

I went one day a week for over 3 months and not only was the medical care and attention second to none, but I enjoyed learning different 'crafts' and mixing with other patients like me.We had a lot of fun and there was even a glass of wine at lunchtime if you wanted it.

I did the 'TREK' with my Daughter-in-law Julie and neighbour Sharon Dawber, both of whom helped to push me round.We are hoping to raise around £500 because I know that the money is much needed, and will be well-used.The atmosphere on the night was electric and we're already planning for next year."

Daughter Julie added, "It was my first time as a STAR TREKKER, but we're already looking forward to next year and planning to assemble a whole team.Why don't you?

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