Our Strategic Objectives

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Delivering the best possible services for our patients and their families.

1.1 Maintain the highest achievable quality across all our existing services

1.2 Develop new services to meet emerging needs and local palliative and end of life care priorities

1.3 Review and, where necessary, redesign services to maximise outcomes and reach

Engaging with and responding to the changing commissioning environment.

2.1 Engage proactively with commissioning bodies (including CCG and Council)

2.2 Demonstrate the impact of hospice service through robust data and outcome measures

2.3 Develop an understanding of unmet need and our role in meeting this need

Reaching more people through working in partnership.

3.1 Work with partners across the statutory and voluntary sectors to improve service delivery and community engagement

3.2 Improve understanding of the hospice and palliative and end of life care services amongst professionals and the general public

3.3 Engage with stakeholder and partner forums to identify and work on shared agendas and priorities

Ensuring our services are sustainable in the current statutory and charitable environment.

4.1 Develop strategies to maximise income through a range of diversified income streams

4.2 Develop robust business cases for commissioners to ensure continued statutory support

4.3 Ensure the key messages about hospice care are communicated effectively to all our stakeholders

4.4 Ensure the annual budget is appropriate with reference to hospice reserves

4.5 Ensure variances to budget are monitored and efficiency savings are continually being sought

Ensuring the hospice is compliant and is effectively managing risk

5.1 Ensure compliance with regulatory standards including the development of appropriate recording and monitoring systems

5.2 Ensure systems are in place to enable proper governance and risk management

5.3 Ensure robust financial systems are in place to enable proper accountability and control

Ensuring the hospice has a competent and motivated workforce working safely and effectively.

6.1 Recruit, retain, develop, train and support our staff and volunteers

6.2 Develop and sustain an open culture where hospice values are translated into everyday actions

6.3 Review and implement the maintenance and renewal plan for all buildings and equipment

6.4 Ensure robust systems are in place for health & safety in the hospice and in our shops