Myths about Hospices

Myths about hospices can unfortunately mean that some people who could benefit from our care don’t receive it. They may be afraid they won’t be able to go home once they come into the hospice or may worry it’s a dark and scary place. We want to give you some facts about our hospice to help dispel any concerns you may have about our service.

Myth: Hospices are places that people just go to die

In Fact: Patients come into the hospice for a variety of reasons including for assessment and review of complex symptoms, end of life care, short-term care following a hospital discharge and family support. Around 40% of our patients go home after an inpatient stay.

People also come to the hospice for appointments including counselling, bereavement support, complementary therapy and outpatient clinics.

Myth: Hospices only treat people with cancer

In Fact: Hospice care is not just restricted to caring for those with a cancer diagnosis. Our care extends to support patients with a wide range of life-limiting illnesses; for example patients with neurological and respiratory conditions often access hospice care.

Myth: Hospices are depressing places

In Fact: Although people may access hospice care at a difficult time of their lives, hospices are warm, friendly and welcoming with beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces.

Myth: Care is only delivered in beds in a building called a hospice

In Fact: We look after around 1,100 patients every year but the majority are either cared for by our community teams in patients’ homes.

Myth: Hospices only care for people who are in the last few days of life

In Fact: Hospices support people from diagnosis onwards and sometimes for several years. We also support those people important to our patients.

Myth: Hospice care is just about tea and sympathy

In Fact: Hospices provide holistic care, to address the ‘whole needs’ of our patients, which includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Our staff includes doctors, nurses, counsellors and therapists who are experts in their fields and have skills which may not be available from other services.

Hospices aim to offer a supportive, caring approach to all those who use their services. They are about living as well as dying.

Myth: Hospices only look after elderly people

In Fact: We care for any adult aged 18 years and over who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. We also provide support for those close to our patients, including children.

Myth: Hospices are part of the NHS

In Fact: The hospice is a local charity serving the people of Wigan and Leigh and we receive only around a third of our funding from the NHS. The rest has to be raised through donations, fundraising events, our weekly lottery, our shops and legacies left by supporters in their wills.

Our care is provided at no cost to the users of our services, for however long it is needed

If you have any questions about our services, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss these. We can also show you around the hospice and offer you refreshments in our modern and welcoming café area if you wish. Please contact us on 01942 525566 if you would like to arrange a visit.

You can also take a virtual tour of the hospice