Our Five Year Strategic Plan

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 introduced significant reforms to the health care system in England and Wales, and in particular to the structure of the NHS and the way health services are commissioned.

In addition to the new Act, there are other financial restraints including the pressure to save money on NHS budgets. The QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) agenda is one example of this efficiency drive, requiring providers such as the Hospice to do more work for less money.

The challenging financial environment, however, is not limited in its impact to the commissioning of services. As most of the Hospice's income is, and always has been, received by way of support from our local communities, in times of financial hardship where people have less disposable income there will be a real challenge to maintain the current levels of income from fundraising, the Hospice Lottery, our Hospice shops, donations and legacies.

In addition, there are challenges from increased regulation, competition for funds, increasingly complex illnesses as people live longer and a rise in the number of people living with dementia.

In our plan we consider the challenges we face and set out how we will need to adapt and respond to the changes in the health care environment. We have set out five themes that we want to tackle over the next five years: Patient Care, Commissioning, Sustainability, Partnerships and Governance.

The picture below shows how we will address these areas:

Our Five Year Strategic Plan 1

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