Useful information for Hospice visitors

Useful information for Hospice visitors

We welcome carers and families to the Hospice and strive to ensure that you feel welcome, safe and have your privacy maintained at all times.

Visiting is completely flexible and there are no fixed visiting times.  However, it would be helpful if relatives and friends would consider the following:

•           Many of the nursing procedures are carried out in the morning. Visiting at this time should be restricted if possible.

•           Visiting during mealtimes is generally discouraged so that patients can enjoy their meals without disturbance.

•           Where a large group of people would like to visit at the same time, it would be helpful to discuss this in advance with a member of our staff as it can impact on the care of our other patients.

•           While we always welcome children, they must be properly supervised by a family member during their visit.

•           You will understand that our patients are our first concern. If a patient places his/her own restrictions around visiting, then we ask that these are respected.

•           Please be aware that we have a few ponds containing deep water in the Hospice grounds and so children must be accompanied outside at all times.



Parking is available free of charge at the Hospice.

Mobile phones

Whilst the use of mobile phones is permitted, we ask that you respect the needs of other patients and visitors to ensure a peaceful Hospice environment.

Security and Safety

For security reasons and to meet fire regulations, visitors should always enter and leave the building by the main entrance. The reception desk is manned from 8.30 am until 8.00 pm. At other times access will be gained via the video entry system connected to the Inpatient Unit nursing station.

Preventing Infections

We take infection control issues extremely seriously and ask for your help and co-operation. On entering and leaving the Hospice please always clean your hands with the gel located on the reception desk. Anyone who may have recently recovered from an illness or may have an infection themselves should avoid visiting if at all possible.

Food and Beverages

A selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks are available for purchase in the reception area. A cafe opened in November 2016.

Overnight Facilities

When a patient is very poorly you may be able to stay overnight. Please discuss this with a member of the nursing team.

Supporting You

We understand that when someone is ill this impacts on their family and others close to them. If you would like to talk to someone about how you are feeling, please speak to a member of staff. Complementary therapy, counselling and bereavement support are available to those who need them.

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